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KASERA Chair, A distinctive and elegant piece of furniture. The chair's backrest and seat are finished with a smooth rattan weave, offering a natural and stylish texture. The frame of the chair is crafted from ash wood, showcasing its beautiful grain and warm tones. The chair's most striking feature is its circular backrest, which forms a continuous loop, giving it a unique and modern aesthetic. The slender legs taper gracefully, adding to the chair's overall sense of lightness and sophistication. The KASERA Chair combines traditional materials with contemporary design, making it a versatile and eye-catching addition to any interior space.

 Materials Used             Ash wood & Rattan

 Dimensions(mm)         880DIA × 800H 

 Delivery Time               30-45 DAYS FROM DATE OF ORDER

  Warranty       Free Of Cost Service 1 Year  +                                10 Years Paid Service   

KASERA Chair Sale priceRs. 43,938.48