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SEREN Center Table

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SEREN Center Table is a modern and functional piece of furniture, designed to enhance the aesthetics of any living space. It features a rectangular wooden tabletop with a warm, natural finish that highlights the wood grain, providing a smooth and elegant surface. The table stands on rounded wooden legs that give it a sturdy and stable structure. Below the tabletop, there is a woven rattan shelf that adds a touch of rustic charm and offers additional storage space for books, magazines, or decorative items. The SEREN Center Table's minimalist design and combination of natural materials make it a perfect fit for contemporary and modern interiors, offering both practicality and style

Materials Used             Ash wood

 Dimensions(mm)         1050L × 550D × 350H 

 Delivery Time               30-45 DAYS FROM DATE OF ORDER

 Warranty       Free Of Cost Service 1 Year  +                                10 Years Paid Service     

SEREN Center Table
SEREN Center Table Sale priceRs. 39,836.80