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Taavi arm chair

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A masterful blend of elegance and rustic charm. Crafted with a gracefully curved wooden frame, this chair showcases a warm, natural finish that highlights the beauty of the wood grain. The woven seat adds a touch of traditional craftsmanship, providing both comfort and style. The Olivia Chair's distinctive design, with its gently rounded back and smooth lines, ensures a comfortable seating experience while making a sophisticated statement in any space. Perfect for dining areas, living rooms, or as an accent piece, the Olivia Chair effortlessly complements both contemporary and classic interiors

Materials Used         Ashwood  

 Dimensions(mm)    480L × 430D × 750H                             

  Delivery Time     30-45 DAYS FROM                                          DATE OF ORDER

 Warranty       Free Of Cost Service 1 Year  +                                10 Years Paid Service   

Taavi arm chair
Taavi arm chair Sale priceRs. 31,670.02