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ZARA Arm Chair

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ZARA Arm Chair is characterised by its modern and elegant design. The chair features a solid wooden frame with a natural finish, enhancing its aesthetic. The seat and backrest cushions are upholstered in a vibrant green fabric, providing a pop of colour that contrasts beautifully with the wooden frame. The backrest and sides of the chair are accented with slender, vertical strings, adding a unique and airy touch while ensuring structural support. The armrests are flat and wide, contributing to the chair's overall comfort. The combination of bold upholstery and sleek wooden elements makes the ZARA Arm Chair an eye-catching addition to any modern living space, blending comfort with sophisticated design

Materials Used         Ashwood

 Dimensions(mm)    700L × 860D × 820H                             

  Delivery Time     30-45 DAYS FROM                                          DATE OF ORDER

 Warranty       Free Of Cost Service 1 Year  +                                10 Years Paid Service 

ZARA Arm Chair
ZARA Arm Chair Sale priceRs. 49,282.70